AI Super Admin

“AI Super Admin” has the capability of following:
upgrading all the servers in an environment.
restarting programs
run commands
even take commands from your cell phone to run complex operations.
auto-upgrades the systems on a schedule and will perform automatic commands based off of failures, when detected.

The “AI Super Admin” Features are the following:

Run everything by English commands

Run commands by your phone

Can be customized to any environment

Great for large or small deployment

The “AI Super Admin” can complete the following Commands:

Run a program or script
Download a log file
Stop and start a service
Install backup software
Setup server to connect to AI
All Operating Systems
Update all systems
Backup all systems
Check all systems
Install a program
Run a script
Install an RPM
Run a program or script
Install NRPE
Install OSSEC
Download a log file Install backup software
Setup service to connect to AI
Restart a service Windows
Install a program
Install a package
Install OSSEC
Install NRPE

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